This monster Toad was collected in Cairns in 1982 she made newspaper headlines and measures 49cm around the girth and stands 28cm tall.

Hear no Evil! See no Evil! Speak no Evil!

Anthropomorphic Taxidermy Art

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Customised stuffed Toads catering for everyone, education, hobbyists, hunters, fishermen, golfers, footballers etc.
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Stuffed Cane Toads
Our locally handmade stuffed toads start at $25.00 sitting in natural stance. We produced the best stuffed toads around and take pride in our work. You are welcome to contact us with any idea or order request. We will confirm an order with cost and freight. Custom orders take approx 6 weeks to completion.
These customized Toads are unique.

Rhinella marina formerly Bufo marinus; Queensland Cane Toad.
Cane Toads are a major pest in Queensland, Australia, and a serious threat to our native fauna.
Our aim is to eradicate as many Cane Toads as possible. So please support Toad Man Jack.

Estimated age when collected 40yrs old. © 2015